The Psychology of Training – Turning Employees into Savvy Phishing Detectives 

By:  Philemon Security team

Education can teach new skills, but training is designed to rewire the subconscious, so actions become automatic for learners. 

Think about athletes.  They train for hours and hours every day to improve their skills, but more importantly, to perform at a high level when they need it most – at the big game, race, or tournament. 

The military is the same way.  Each branch conducts thousands of hours of training every year for relatively little combat hours in comparison.  Extensive training enables soldiers to make critical decisions because their brains have been hardwired, and decisions become automatic even in the most dangerous or stressful circumstances.

Imagine sending soldiers into combat without training and expecting them to effectively defend our nation. It’s unimaginable. So, why would you send your employees to the digital front lines without proper training on phishing emails where most cyber-attacks occur?

Attacks from phishing emails cost companies in lost productivity, damaged reputations, and expensive repairs. Yet, most companies only conduct periodic classes to educate employees on phishing emails and send them back to their desk or remote work sites totally unprepared.  By the time classroom curriculum is developed, the materials are already outdated and do not address the latest phishing scams.

Simulation training, conducted on a regular basis, can ensure that employees habitually check vital points of every email and stay abreast of all the latest phishing scams.  Automated simulation training can turn every employee into a savvy detective so protecting against phishing attacks becomes second nature – even in stressful or distracting circumstances.  

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