The BIG SECRET to Prevent Phishing Attacks

By:  Philemon Security team

Many individuals, small businesses, and even major Fortune 500 companies have fallen prey to phishing emails.  Repairing the damage from even one employee clicking a bad link can take a significant amount of time and money.  Should you conduct more cyber awareness sessions to employees?  Should you implement additional monitoring software?  What is the secret to preventing phishing attacks?

The answer is quite simple.  Stop teaching your employees about phishing.

Stop teaching employees about phishing.

Yes, we said stop teaching.

Instead, implement real-time simulation training. The difference seems subtle, but it’s quite significant when it comes to protecting your network and data from hackers.

The current paradigm is to provide an in-person or virtual class and instruction guides that teach employees how to recognize a phishing email. These classes are usually long, ‘push’ information out, teach the same theories to everyone, and content is outdated before it’s even presented.  Much like students in a geometry class, a few will pass the test and many others will tune out after a period of time, missing key lessons and the ability to retain the information.  When it comes time to apply their knowledge to a real-world problem, they can’t even calculate how to fit a couch through the front door!    

Add to this the level of distractions faced every day by a remote workforce and it’s no wonder companies are experiencing more attacks, data loss, and downtime than ever! 

Simulation training, on the contrary, can deliver real-world scenarios and the latest tactics used in phishing emails when and where needed.  The training happens at the point of failure through micro-bursts of information and learning that is interactive and customized to each employee.  Over time, simulations can be directed to employees that need it most while continually updating phishing scenarios for other employees as new tactics and approaches are discovered. 

Advanced simulation and interactive training are vital for organizations to improve their cyber resilience strategy and protect against breaches

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Simulation Training at the point of failure improves learning and retention

The advantages to simulation training are many, including:
  • Employees learn and retain information better and longer
  • Employees can effectively apply lessons learned to real world phishing emails received
  • Real-time and customized micro-learning at the point of failure can dramatically change future behavior
  • Secure the most vulnerable entry point for phishing attack by building a team of savvy first line of defense

Like actors in rehearsals or soldiers doing drills, simulation training conducted on a regular basis and customized based on individual vulnerabilities can help employees to instinctively recognize phishing emails more effectively, even when they are distracted by a colleague, their kids, the dog, or the Amazon delivery person bringing them the latest gadget.

Before the CEO or your boss reminds you that it is time for the annual employee awareness training on cyber-attacks, be proactive and introduce a simulation training solution.  Not only can it dramatically reduce phishing attacks, but it will improve employee productivity and save you countless hours and costs fixing issues!  Don’t keep this secret to yourself!