Philemon and Phin Security

Why Choose Philemon and Phin Security?

Advanced simulation and interactive training are vital for organizations to improve their cyber resilience strategy and protect against breaches

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Make sure your company is protected by your employees, your first line of defense. Avoid down time, remediation, ransomware costs, and data losses.

Email continues to be the most popular attack point via organizations’ email perimeters, including compromised accounts, vulnerable employees, and social engineering.  That is why Philemon selected Phin Security, one of the most innovative, simulation training solutions in the cyber market today, to prevent even the most advanced phishing threats.

Technology alone cannot prevent phishing attacks because it is not able to protect against the latest social nuances seen in business email compromise (BEC) and spearphishing.  Individuals and threat groups are devising tactics and techniques to exploit vulnerabilities. 

With an increase in the variety and volume of attacks due to the shift to remote and hybrid-remote workforces is causing IT professionals to rethink their cyber strategy and training programs.

Deploy in Minutes

Works out of the box, deploy a default campaigns that starts rolling automatically, and watch end user interactions come in or send the results right to your customer.

Engage clients in Learning

Create a learning moment at the point of failure, tailor each failed training to a specific Learning Moment

Customize Campaigns

Use our professionally designed templates or upload your own, run as many campaigns as you like, with unlimited templates.

Companies of all sizes continue to struggle with threats from phishing attacks…even with a training awareness program in place:


say volume of web or email spoofing will be the same or increase.


saw phishing attacks increase.


had downtime from an attack.


do not conduct training on a frequent basis.


experienced data loss.

Only Phin Security’s data driven simulation training solution can improve employees’ awareness of phishing threats and prevent attacks:

  • Customized & automated micro-learning moments and one-minute or less learning modules when employees need it most
  • Data driven decisions based on employee interactions, pinpointing vulnerabilities immediately that may not be uncovered otherwise
  • Training is delivered at the point of failure and tailored to the employee based on their unique vulnerabilities.
  • Set up in minutes, not days or weeks, to begin gathering intelligence on all employees
  • Cost-effective - pay only for employees that need it
  • Email, sms, and spearphishing targeted

Having employees uncover their own vulnerabilities can improve their ability to learn and recognize threats, changing their behavior and protecting your network and data from attacks.

Stop teaching and start training with interactive simulation

Employees tune out during long cyber awareness online or in-person training sessions.  Pushing out the same training to every employee does not effectively change behavior. 

Sending anti-phishing simulation training that is personally tailored to each individual employee based on their unique behavior and vulnerabilities makes training engaging, impactful, and effective at changing behavior.

Improve protection with Philemon’s solutions and services

Philemon Security offers best-in-class and innovative security solutions to help companies better secure computing environments that protect both users and their workplace from cyber criminals.  Philemon is the exclusive distributor for Phin Security, and a major distributor of Safe-t, a patented zero-trust technology.   Philemon’s cyber security veterans evaluate emerging technologies to offer the best possible solutions as well as services to help our clients improve their defense against phishing attacks and secure their computing environments.  Contact Philemon to assess your computing environment and services to improve your security posture today.