A Comprehensive Suite of Solutions in One Platform

Benefits & ROI

Organizations leave themselves vulnerable to insider attacks. Prevent financial loss and the time-consuming processes required after a successful attack. Trust nothing. Implement our Zero-Trust architecture and secure your ROI that gives you more!

The Solution

Utilize a Zero Trust Network Access architecture without removing your VPN. Boost your VPN security by implementing SDP capabilities. Only authorizing access to services and applications, after trust verification. Customize and scale Philemon by deploying our Secure Application Access with your existing VPN. While leveraging all the benefits of SDP and reducing exposure, during new technology adoption.

Customized Approach

Creates physical separation of the data and authentication planes

Legacy Applications

Access to any VPN, service or application can now be protected by MFA

You're In Control

A central management dashboard provides complete auditing for full transparency and review.

The Threat

The real threats often are not seen, lurking below the surface, inside your network.

The Benefits

■ Keep your existing VPN
■ Retain your existing network and security components
■ Enhance security, take users off your network
■ Enhance security, take users off your network
■ User authentication, poor to authorized permissions, without network change
■ Versatile, role based, on-demand applications access

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