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True separation of the data and control planes.

This means the authentication Gateway and the Access Controller are separated. The authentication Gateway can reside in the cloud or on premise in your DMZ. While The access Controller connects to your applications, storage and authentication services .

Integrate MFA to any VPN, service, or application

Part of the ZoneZero Perimeter Access Orchestration Suite, ZoneZero MFA allows you to easily integrate multi-factor authentication and identity awareness into all access scenarios for remote and internal users, VPNs, web applications, and non-web applications.

Applies application-level policies for all of your users

ZoneZero enhances VPN security by adding SDP capabilities, allowing access to applications and services only after trust has been verified. Deploying Safe-T’s Secure Application Access on top of existing VPN, offers a customized and scalable zero trust solution.

Safe-T’s patented Reverse-Access technology

The Access Gateway acts as a front-end to all services & applications published to the Internet. It operates without the need to open any ports within the internal firewall. The Access Controller pulls the session data into the internal network from the Access Gateway.

Zero Trust the right way!

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