Sometimes the Little Phish is the Best Catch

By:  Philemon Security team

Do you think only large businesses need to consider protection measures against phishing attacks?


When it comes to phishing, small businesses are not only easier to exploit, but sometimes the value is greater than breaching a Fortune 500 business. Many small businesses offer inadequate real-world training and stretch their limited staff thin to cover multiple roles. Add the significant demands and distractions of the remote workforce, and it’s easy to understand how small businesses are big business for cyber criminals. 

Can you afford to pretend the danger of phishing does not threaten your small company? 

With an industry of over $1.5 trillion in profits and $6 trillion in damages in 2018, cyber-crime is more active than ever, and phishing is the go-to method of choice. In 2018 alone, more than 80% of American businesses reported malicious phishing attempts, and phishing accounts for over 90% of cyber attacks to date. The National Security Administration (NSA) considers phishing to be one of the largest threats to national security, and advises businesses take extreme precautionary measures.   

The best defense against these attacks is preparing a company’s first line of defense – employees.  Preparation comes from repetitive, situational training that imparts tactics when employees are most vulnerable to attacks, including working from home and distracted, and automates the process to send the latest phishing simulations to all employees on an ongoing basis.

The good news for small businesses that don’t think they have the time or resources to conduct more cyber education programs for employees.  Using an automated solution to deliver invaluable, mini lessons immediately at the point of failure and automated simulation emails on the latest phishing methods at other times can continually improve employees’ knowledge and reduce the likelihood they click on bad links.   There is no need for planned cyber education classes, which will save the IT team time and improve employee productivity too.

The better news for small businesses that have a lack of IT resources and small budgets.  There are solutions available to small businesses that are easy and quick to implement, automate phishing simulations on a schedule, are data-driven to target employees that fail simulations, and are cost-effective.

Small businesses can protect their network and data against phishing attacks with a simulation training platform, ending up with a better first line of defense than any large corporation.

Phin Security, an automated phishing simulation training platform, improves employee knowledge and reduces phishing attacks

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