Philemon Security and Safe-t
We bring you zoneZero the only patented zero trust solution

Why Choose Philemon Security and Safe-T?

Philemon is a major distributor for Safe-T. We work hand-in-hand from the advisory level to R&D. We are committed to providing our customers with the best in class software and service that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Our founders chose to work with Safe-T after extensive research on Zero-Trust solutions and how they compare. They chose Safe-T for their patented technology that was built from the ground up to serve the Zero-Trust market. In other words, Safe-T elected to invent new technology rather than “kludge” disparate technology to interface with each other.

Total Control

Authenticate users before authorizing access, keeping applications and files hidden

In-depth User Analysis

The first out-of-the-box user behavior analytics (UBA) for insights into your authenticated users.

Prevent Inside & Outside Attacks

Leverage our unique features such as machine learning to catch threats before they happen.

Introducing Safe-T Secure Application Access

Our Zero Trust Network Access (ZNA) is changing the way organizations authenticate and authorize external to your organization’s digital assets while preserving your investment in MFA, SSO, SAML.

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SDP+ is our patented technology provides secure and transparent access to your digital assets over a wide variety of protocols such as HTTP/S, SMTP, SFTP, SSH, API’s, RDP, and WEBDAV without requiring a VPN connection. Our patented reverse-access technology eliminates the need for open ports thus strengthening your firewall.

By using our Reverse-Access, Dual server patented technology, there is no need to open firewall ports because authorization and authentication is performed by implementing two virtual appliances:

• An external server located in your DMZ or in the cloud

• An outside facing server used as a front-end for user login
An internal server located inside your secured environment

• Initiates pull session data from the external server for authentication

• If the session is determined to be legitimate, traffic is passed to the application server.

This process ensures that access to applications are authorized without the requirement of opening ports for any TCP applications. This also reduces or eliminates the need for VPN or clients for application access.


We transform your gateway of various security appliances into an integrated, cloud-based, or on prem security services. Since it’s a virtual appliance, there’s no physical hardware to deploy or manage, so

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getting started is simple. You can deploy our solution in minutes, and they can easily grow with your security needs.


Up-grade your security and make us your gateway to the internet or to your private applications. It is a snap to deploy with no infrastructure changes, and easy to configure.


Remove front-facing solutions while phasing out gateway appliances as necessary while reducing cost and management overhead.


Cloud-enabled networks and applications. Secured SDP eliminates VPN frustrations, user frustrations by delivering better user experience.

Get More Out Of Your Investment

Improve your users’ experience. Seamless integration and user-friendly UX that’s as easy to manage so your IT staff will love also.

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Reduce risk of exposure to your applications files.With our patented reverse access technology users are granted access based on their persona; and only after authentication, access is granted on “least privilege” basis only.

Take total control
We provide the tools and flexibility to configure access to your network based on your access rules and integrates with Active Directory for authentication and authorization and scales as you grow and add additional users.