Advancing Security Excellence
We are a group of cyber security veterans, helping you protect your assets


A secure computing environment that protects both users and their workplace from cyber criminals thus encouraging and expanding digital commerce and communication around the world



As we build Philemon Security we seek to set a standard of excellence perfected by our clients, our professional peers as well as our leading competitors to define superior quality, performance and personal integrity across the full suite of public and private sector technology offerings and services.



We see our standard of excellence vision as the pinnacle of our core values and beliefs – not just as experienced professional leaders with life-long commitments to pursuing excellence in security technology and oversight but, more importantly, as individuals with strong personal integrity.  Our core values and beliefs include the following:

  • Philemon insists on perfection, nothing less, “Every day is our Super bowl.”
  • We are committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, character, trust and confidence.
  • We pay acute attention to detail. We know from experience that in our line of work it represents one of the most crucial determinants of success.
  • We speak the facts– and communicate the truth.
  • We place special emphasis on collaboration and teamwork – among our team, with our clients and with our network of professional colleagues, security specialists and Philemon business partners.