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Think Big, Start Small, Move Fast - Larry Johnson, Co-Founder Philemon Security, Inc.

Stop data exposure, streamline your access to files and applications

leveraging Philemon, achieve more with simplified and dynamic solutions for all work environments.Reduce risk and Secure your organization. Build a comprehensive Zero Trust Architecture, by fortifying, eliminating fragmentation, and simplifying access to applications and files. Our proprietary solutions structure environments for organizations to authorize anything. But trust nothing.

We have more than 300 researchers who conduct research in various and important areas. We didn’t want this work to be interrupted due to the Coronavirus. I can say without a doubt that implementing Safe-T’s solution enabled us to continue both our research work, which we consider a very important part of our mission, and student learning.

Ariel University CIO

Little Phish is the Best Catch

Sometimes the Little Phish is the Best Catch By:  Philemon Security team Do you think only large businesses need to consider protection measures against phishing

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To VPN or Not to VPN

This blog post was originally posted on October 20th, 2020 by Safe-t and re-posted here with permission Over the past few years, VPN vulnerabilities have

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